Fishing Bead Lures? How do they work?

Atlantic salmon eggs near hatching. By March, and the onset of Spring, Atlantic salmon eggs are well developed. The head, eyes, heart, fins, vertebrae and blood vessels can be seen. Hatching produces a “sac fry” which remains in the gravel stream substrate until the nutrient sac is depleted. Once this occurs, the fry emerge form the gravel to look for food in the form of insect larvae.

The purpose of fishing beads can stump the novice fisherman “surely something that looks so simple can not attract fish?” If you ever thought this, unfortunately you are wrong, so very wrong!

Bead rigs are extremely important for fly fishing.

Have a think of it like this, the favourite food of many fish is fish eggs, so if you  were to use a single light red bead that imitates a trout egg, the fish are used to seeing something like this almost identical fly around when they raid a nest.

So it is likely they will also attempt to take a bead of this appearance if floating down a shallow stream.

In fly fishing, this can be an excellent way to catch many species, while mainly used for trout, the same method and colour combination can be used to catch basically any fish living in waters where trout are also known to be present.

Keep in mind though that this technique is designs to be used in rivers, as trout struggle heavily to breed in impoundments such as small to medium sized lakes.


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