Fishing in Texas, the basics to landing your first fish!

GALVESTON, TEXAS – SEPT 11, 2014: Landmark 61st Street Fishing Pier on the Gulf of Mexico in the tourist town of Galveston, Texas.

Fishing is one of the most popular pass-times in Texas, with many different species available to target in both fresh and salt water. Before grabbing your fishing rod and some bait or tackle, there are some regulations that need to be satisfied first.

The state of texas requires two types of fishing licences, the first is a conservation licence, this is required before you even think about setting out on a days fishing, and can be obtained online via the Fish, Wildlife and Parks department.

The conservation licence is simply to ensure you are freely identified to the state, and to ensure you adhere to the rules and regulations of parks and wildlife, this is separate from a specifically fishing related licence.

Once a conservation licence is obtained, you can then purchase a fishing licence, again from the same department, some licenced resellers also stock these in the event you are unable to purchase online.

Once this is done, you can begin planning your first outing.

The most popular fish to target in salt water around Texas are flounder and sheepshead, for freshwater and estuary fishing however, there is also a good amount of trout around in most streams. Texas has some very well preserved fisheries and it is often not difficult to find streams, estuaries and gulf coast access for targeting either of these 3 mainstream species.

There are also some more exotic creatures found only in Texas, such as alligator gar, nowhere else in the united states contains this type of garfish apart from Texas, this species however is a masterful catch, so targeting them initially isn’t recommended.

Click the following link for more information on gar fishing.

Boating for fish is very common in Texas, if you are lucky enough to have local friends with a boat, then it is highly recommended you head out on a boat the first few times, this makes finding the fish easier with different types of electronics, and also is a more relaxed way to go fishing, you can also learn a lot from seeing how others handle and land fish when boating.

There are also a large number of fishing charter companies throughout Texas, who are very well priced and would be more than happy to show you around the various waterways for many different species. Charters in Texas are big business, and highly recommended for people who are new to fishing.

In the case of gar fishing, a charter is more than recommended, it is essential.

If fishing on your own, some local knowledge is always good, there are many fishing tackle outlets around Texas, so popping into a local shop for some bait and a chat will often lead to some good recommendations.

If land based fishing around the coast using dead-bait, a good indicator an area will be worth fishing is where lots of seagulls are in the deeper water just within casting distance, casting out a dead-bait on a hook into these areas where the seagulls are present will ensure that when predatory fish come to try and feed off the smaller fish the seagulls are also targeting, they have a good chance of grabbing your bait.

It is advised however to sink your bait around seagulls to avoid catching a bird instead of a fish, seagulls are not the best eating!

If the previously mentioned information has not proved successful, throwing some bait into deeper pockets of water off the coast is a good way to catch fish, especially just before sunrise and into the early morning, or just before sunset and into the night. Piers also provide good fishing locations around the gulf coast.

If the area you are fishing in is remote however, target fish will often be more active throughout the entire day, so bringing some rubber waders and wading in to about chest height, then casting a bait into a deep pocket of water and retreating to the beach is a good method, just wait a little while and there should be a flounder or sheepshead around ready to take the bait after a short period of time.

This information is basic but useful to the beginner, and the steps mentioned here are vital to the first stages of taking on fishing as a recreation or potential future sport, we wish you luck in whichever method you decide to try when introducing yourself to fishing in Texas!



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