Fishing Rod Pods: Make fishing with multiple rods a simple process

Fishing rod pods are a great alternative to regular fishing rod holders.

While holders are good for a single rod, or for multiple rods fixed to a boat, on land and fishing with bait, especially for carp, perch and tench, a rod pod enables you to use 3 (sometimes even more) rods at once, keeping them fixed in place effortlessly even when a strike occurs.

The benefits of a fishing rod pod is that a auditory fishing alarm, or L.E.D visual strike alert fishing alarm, can be affixed, and you can sit back and enjoy reading or take in the atmosphere while ensuring you will be alerted when something is present on your bait.

The fishing rod pod will keep your rod in place, even if the fish makes a large strike and run, the alarm will alert you to the lines movement, and the simple unlocking method of ‘under and over’ for some, or simply a single direct lift for most, will free up your fishing rod almost instantly, ready for you to make a strike and set the hook.

Fishing rod pods are most enjoyed in Europe and Asia as a main method of fishing for carp species, but in reality can be suited to all land based bait fishing. They are an ideal investment, can be easily disassembled (some can even fold up) after use for easy transportation.

If regularly fishing with more than 1 line in lakes or rivers, provided you wish for all rods to be kept at the one location (i.e not placed at different areas of a river to cover more ground), then the rod pod is an ideal companion for all your fishing trips.


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