Chasing record breaking bass!

Florida is well known for containing some very large bass and also some amazing fisheries, however this doesn’t mean it should be your one stop shop for great bass fishing, many other states rival the bass fisheries found in Florida.

The official record in Florida for a largemouth bass is known to be 17.27 pounds, since records began. There are unverified reports of a recent catch of 20.125 pounds, however fisheries was not called to verify this record, hence it does not stand more than a rumour.

California however has some great bass fisheries, a fairly unknown region in terms of visiting to target bass, again uncited, it is believed a recent bass catch in Cali weighed up to 22 pounds 8 ounces. If this was officailly verified it would break the record that has stood since 1932, of a fish a mere 4 ounces smaller. Unforunately again, there was only a single photo taken of this fish and it was not certified by Californian officals.

One thing is for sure however with the aforementioned catches, there is still some great bass fishing to be had coast to coast, and it is good to know that some fisheries are still thriving, with fish at sizes similar to those found at the turn of the 20th century.


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