Recreation / Travel: Trout fishing in the Brule River (WI / MI)

The Brule River running from Lake Superior and weaving along the border of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is home to trout of all kinds and sizes, making it a great place to experiment with trout fishing lures.

Anglers looking to fish trout on this river, though, should remember that there are four distinct sections of the river, and each has it’s own regulations for season dates, bag limits, and size requirements. Before heading out, it is always a good idea to check the regulations in the area where you plan to fish. Trout fishing lures such as spoons and spinners are a great choice for most species in the river, but fly fishing is also very popular here.

For some anglers, fly fishing can be daunting and seem difficult to learn. For that reason, trout fishing lures such as the in-line spinners are very popular. The gear used is familiar to most anglers – a light to medium spinning reel set up is all an angler should need in order to have an afternoon of fun on the Brule.

Do keep in mind, though, that in the spring, a variety of aquatic insects such as mayflies and caddis flies make up the majority of the diet of trout in the Brule. This does not mean anglers cannot catch fish on other trout fishing lures, but it does make sense that anglers favor fly fishing for that very reason.

From March to May, anglers can use a variety of trout fishing lures to take advantage of the spring Steelhead run. Targeting dee runs and pools either casting and retrieving a spinner or jigging a spoon can provide great results. The Steelhead fall run can be found anywhere from mid August to late November, depending on the water temperature, water level, and clarity. These fish will tend to be in areas where the river is running fairly strongly.

However, the fish will usually hold behind some sort of current break: rocks, logs, undercuts in the bank. They may also sit in the still water behind a structure break. Look for areas where the steelhead will not have to spend a lot of energy to sit and wait, but a place close to faster current where the steelhead’s food will often float by in the current. Working trout fishing lures such as in-line spinners past these areas can create great results.

Between these two runs of Steelhead will be the lake run of Brown Trout. This usually happens from July to October with the peak activity being mid July to mid September. The favorite trout fishing lures at this time of year area spoons, spinners, and flatfish. Anglers should again target the deepest holes in the area of the river in which they are fishing. Low light periods are the best times to get these fish to eat an artificial offering.

No matter the time of year, from early spring to late fall, anglers love the Brule River. Whether you are into fly fishing, or prefer fishing with a spinning reel set up and a spoon or spinner, you are sure to have a good time on the Brule if you target the right areas. Pay attention to everything around you and learn what the fish are looking for, and you will have a good deal of success on this river.


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