Trolling Lake Michigan with Fishing Lures

The setting sun paints the sky above Lake Michigan in glorious color and silhouettes the lighthouses and sightseers on the North and South Pier at St. Joseph Michigan.

There is no doubt that the Great Lakes are incredible fisheries. Thousands of people take to those lakes every year for a variety of fish. Lake Michigan is no different. There are many ways to catch fish on Lake Michigan. One of the best ways, though, is to always hire a guide.

There are many guides on the lake who specialise in different types of fishing. Look for a reputable guide who’s been working on the lake for a while and who can provide you with some references. Fishing Lake Michigan for the first time can be a daunting task. It can also be dangerous, if you have never fished big water before. Even the most seasoned of anglers pick up tips and trick from experienced guides. They understand which fishing lures are catching fish and where and how to use the most effectively.

Trolling is one way to catch fish on Lake Michigan. This requires knowing the depths at which the fish are holding and also the speed at which the fishing lures will work the best. The speed and depth of the fish will depend on the recent weather, the time of year, and the water temperature at various depths, among other factors. The fishing lures that worked on Lake Michigan in the spring may not be the same ones that will put fish in the boat in the fall.

The colour and size of the fishing lures will make a difference, too. Anglers should try to match the forage of the fish they are targeting. Matching the bait fish as closely as possible will help you have a more successful day on the water. There are many colours of fishing lures that will work in various places around the lake, but the general rule is to use lighter colours for higher in the water column. Colours such as red, orange, and yellow are better for conditions with more light. Low-light conditions, and deeper in the water column, call for darker colours such as blues, greens, and purples. Silver and white seem to work at various time throughout the water column and in many different light conditions.

Many anglers who fish Lake Michigan use planer boards. This allows the angler to get the fishing lures and bait away from the boat, rather than trailing almost directly behind the boat. In the spring, for instance, some anglers will fish shallow water. To do this without spooking the fish, planer boards are great. They keep the lures away from the boat, so the fish will not be spooked by the boat passing above them.

For deeper fish such as Lake Trout during summer, which tend to like the cooler and deeper water, anglers can use diving planers and down-riggers. Heavy spin lures can also work just as well if you are after something less complicated, any blue fox spin lures in size 6 will be enough to troll in water deeper than 5 meters.

These will get the trout lures down deeper in the water column. This is very useful in making sure you maximise your catches by not excluding fish out of reach of traditional diving lures.

When fishing Lake Michigan, if you decide to head out alone, a stop at the local tackle or bait shop is a great first step. The people there will be able to help you choose the right fishing lures for your targeted species. They can also help you to determine the sizes of the lures as well as the speed you may want to be running as you’re trolling. Getting as much information as possible before heading out on the water will allow you to have a much more productive day.

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