Hook into an Alligator Gar and you will understand quickly the meaning of real fish!

Alligator Gar (atractosteus spatula) from the side

If you want to catch a real fish, hook into an Alligator Gar and you will understand quickly the meaning of real fish!

As one of the largest fresh water fish species in North America with an average length of 6’ and weights well over 100 lbs. fishing for these beasts is a lot of fun. These giant gars run the waters of the southern United States, rivers, lakes and low lying waters are habitat for this amazing creature.

The largest alligator gar recorded thus far is 8’ at 375 lbs. caught in one of the Oxbow lakes of the Mississippi river. The record holder accidently caught this behemoth in a fishing net.

Alligator gars are docile in behavior. However, they are ambush hunters and extremely voracious and opportunistic hunters. They eat other fish but are known to eat water fowl and other mammals floating in the water. They lay in wait floating at what appears to be a dead still, and boom all of the sudden lightning speed and their pray is devoured in a mountain of water and jaws.

The species has attracted sport fisherman from around the world. Alligator Gar can be fished in Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas. With Texas boasting the best fishing for this giant fish, because of over fishing and habitat loss, alligator gar do have a 1 per day bag limit. Commercial fishing has added to the decline in the species.

Alligator Gar will bring up to $3.00 per pound in a supermarket. A white meat fish, fileted this is a nice fish to eat. Most folks think it’s a trash fish, quite the contrary. Fried or grilled the meat makes for some tasty eating!

If you ever wanted to catch a big fish with a lot of fight, you won’t go wrong fishing for Alligator Gar. Heavy tackle and the very popular bow fishing among this species make for some great stories. Have fun this fish will be a story for your grandkids.

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